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Granny's Welsh Cakes

There are so many Welsh cakes recipes, but I could never deviate from Granny's recipe, as they are loved by all the family just the way they are.

Welsh cakes are cooked on a bakestone, of which I have two. The very best, my brother made for me years ago, it’s cast iron, very heavy but makes the most delicious Welsh cakes. The other I bought at a local cook’s shop, it’s made of a much lighter metal and is well yet again was part of my check in allowance!

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SIRT Granola recipe

As many of our followers know, I love the Sirtfood diet. I don't use it for weight loss, but you could do. I use this approach because of how the foods make me feel - healthy and full of energy.

I make up a batch of SIRT granola every couple of weeks, just by adding yogurt and some berries it makes a very quick and easy breakfast.

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When I was young...oh my word, (now I sound like my mother!) Pomegranates were the start of Christmas. They came into Mrs May’s fruit and vegetable shop at the beginning of December and I would be so excited, conjuring up all kinds of stories in my mind as to where these exotic fruits came from. Because of their colour and looking unlike any other fruit I’d seen, they had to come from the ‘Far East’, countries of richness, spices and magic carpets.

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