What's happened to Marks and Spencers?

I wrote this blog a few weeks ago after putting on a head to toe outfit in M&S (unintentionally, it just went well together). I posted my outfit on my Sant Elia Lifestyle Facebook Page, but I never shared this post as I thought it was a bit negative. Then, all over the news this week 'Marks and Spencers set to close 100 stores by 2020'. 

Tonight Channel 5 has a scheduled documentary 'The Trouble with M&S', with TV Presenter, Fiona Phillips investigating why Britain might be falling out of love with M&S, and speaks to former staff from the shop floor to boardroom, and to M&S customers, to see what can be done to restore the store's fortunes. This was filmed before the news of the closures.

Is this the same as the 2000 crisis they had? And can they turn things around again, or is it too late?  

My blog I recently wrote, completely unaware of the crisis unfolding behind the scenes:

I'm really quite undecided about M&S, but always have to have a quick look around the Limited Edition section.

I think they really get the latest colour shades and catwalk updates, but the quality of the fabrics and make up of the garments leave much to be desired.

M&S used to be known for the quality of its clothing, but perhaps due to the pressure of other high street stores, who sell very low priced items, their standards have appeared to drop.

I’m not talking about their underwear here, ok I can’t wear their bras but love their ‘knickers’!

Perhaps it’s time for M&S to explore another route, cut back on their ‘Classics’ section and concentrate more on the quality of fabric and the fit of the garments.

But, I do occasionally find something I really like and recently put this outfit together, head to toe in M&S. 

The M&S shirt, I bought a couple of years ago, mainly because of the colour, which is easier for me to wear than white.

The loose trousers, are really easy for traveling but for going out this evening I’ll opt for higher heels and a cropped jacket. Both of which will make my short legs look so much longer, always hopeful.

So come on M&S, let’s get quality fabrics and a better cut on those clothes, even if it means increasing the price a little and perhaps you’ll get a bigger following and increased sales.

Now having read about the projected store closures, I think M&S has put too much emphasis on quantity over quality. Sky News also ask whether M&S has tried to meet consumer demands but have got it wrong, and this mirrors their 2000 crisis, 'Same old message, but is there room for optimism this time?'

What do you think? Are you an M&S fan or critic? Do you think the quality of their clothing has gone downhill? I'd love to hear your thoughts, as I think M&S has such great potential and it'd be really sad to lose one of our oldest high street stores, but why are they getting it so wrong?