A teenage member of my family and I were looking through the Daily Telegraph on Saturday, well I was, she was just beside me checking the messages on her phone!

I was reading an article, 'The things everyone should stop doing once they're over 70' by Shane Watson

Quoted saying: ‘The Rolling Stones may still be rocking in their 70’s but there are activities the older generation would be wise to avoid’. Was this article suggesting that taking up extreme sports as we age maybe dangerous?

No, it was Shane giving us her list of what she thinks is cringe-worthy in people as they get older!

So here goes:

Rollerblading, does watching 72 year old Frank Hernandez rollerblading make me cringe, definitely not, I’m full of admiration for the guy, I wouldn't be able to stand on the blades!  

Tight trousers, long hair, edgy sunglasses, wait for it, trousers tucked into boots, Oh dear, I’m really cringe-worthy then, and the list goes on...

But, this is the point, as my couch buddy, who is now reading the article with me, said,

“Why does it bother her?”  

“The Rolling Stones are doing what they want to do, they’re older but they look great!”

“Age doesn't matter does it?

I love this younger generation, who are now far more accepting and tolerant of gender, colour and aging. Perhaps this is due to so many older celebrities, some older than their grandparents, ‘still rocking’ and drawing in crowds of all ages.

But why does it bother us what people do or wear at a certain age?

We need to open our minds when looking at older people who dare ‘not conform’.

Why be critical, these people are living life, have confidence in what they wear and what they do, one thing for sure, they are obviously not invisible.