When I was young...oh my word, (now I sound like my mother!) Pomegranates were the start of Christmas. They came into Mrs May’s fruit and vegetable shop at the beginning of December and I would be so excited, conjuring up all kinds of stories in my mind as to where these exotic fruits came from. Because of their colour and looking unlike any other fruit I’d seen, they had to come from the ‘Far East’, countries of richness, spices and magic carpets.

Having bought one, I would spend all that evening with a pin, taking out, and eating each individual seed.

How sad I was, when, by the end of December pomegranates were no longer in the shops, I had to wait another year for my favourite fruit.

Little did I know then that I’d be growing my own pomegranates at Sant Elia, and I still love the fruit just as much as when a child. Strangely though, I will still only eat them around Christmas time, despite packets of the seeds being available throughout the year on our supermarket shelves.

I’ve had this half a pomegranate in the fridge since December, they keep so well.

Despite loading myself with Vitamin C and Zinc prior to going to bed last night with a sore throat, it was still sore this morning. For breakfast I just wanted something soft and cool to eat, so a bowl of Greek yogurt covered with two of my favourite fruits, blueberries and pomegranate, was the perfect medicine.

Jewels in yogurt.jpg


Both fruits are packed with antioxidants, with pomegranates having extra plant compounds that are thought to have an anti-inflammatory effect on our joints. Add to these properties lots of Vitamin C, minerals and fibre this breakfast can only be doing me good, helping me soothe my sore throat and aching limbs.