In the summer of 2004, the Avis family bought Sant Elia – a derelict farmhouse standing in 4.5 hectares of land in the central Le Marche region of Italy. The first few months were spent in planning. getting building approval from the local Commune and then appointing a builder. 

Restoration work started in early 2005 and by mid 2006 the house was almost completed,

During these early years the family turned their attention to the surrounding land, designing gardens, planning the pool and deciding what to do with the agricultural landLawns have now been created and many trees and shrubs have been planted.

In addition to the planting of more olive trees and vines, an extensive fruit orchard has been planted and land prepared for growing vegetables. It is the plan to become as self sufficient as possible on all fruit and vegetables. 

The property now provides boutqiue accommodation for luxury tailored holidays and retreats and formed the inspiration for Sant Elia Lifestyle. 


Sant Elia Lifestyle was founded by Irené Avis in 2012

Irené's philosophy is that a fitter healthier lifestyle better enables people to cope with the pressures of everyday life. She passionately believes that her own approach to health and fitness has given her the energy and clarity of mind to successfully manage a positive work/life balance and wants to share this approach with others, in particular women. 

Many of us experience stress, anxiety or a lack of confidence at some point in our lives, looking after your body and mind goes a long way to coping with lifes ups and downs.
— Irene


Irené developed her interest in healthy living and fitness following her own experience of significant life changes and is keen to work with other women who have faced similar experiences. 

Irené took her Diploma in Personal Training and Coaching at the European Institute of Fitness where she gained her Masters qualification. Following this she set up Sant’Elia Health & Wellbeing with the objective of using her skills together with those of selected experts to enhance the lifestyles of Sant Elia clients. 

European Institute of Fitness